GuideHop Website Review & Ratings + GuideHop Coupons
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GuideHop Website Review & Ratings + GuideHop Coupons

GuideHop: Products & Services works like an online community of people who share the same passion for travel and activities. Here, a person can list the activity he/she has to offer so another person can book the activity. People from all over the world are making guides and offers so that other people worldwide can enjoy them. The country that is mostly visited is the United States of America, followed closely by Canada and Egypt. The site can turn anyone with knowledge of a place or a hobby into a tour guide. A user can search the site by city from their hometown to your next vacation destination. The website also includes the option which lets user’s book vacations in other people’s homes, and Kick starter a peer-to-peer funding site. The company’s main goal is to help people connect and to expand their real-life experiences.

GuideHop: Company Background

The company was founded by Ryan Schmitz, an American travel lover who found that all the activities offered by big companies were very impersonal and expensive. He got the idea for Guidehop a year ago after a bad travel experience. He wanted to backpack the Trans-Zion Trek, a 47-mile hike in southern Utah, but didn’t have a buddy and couldn’t find a guide. The location of the company and also the headquarters is at 16000 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300, Dallas TX 75248, United States of America. There is no detail on when was the company launched or anything else regarding the company’s background.

GuideHop: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Although the visitors and the users of the guides available on the website can share their experience for the tours they been on, there really aren’t that many reviews. The ones that are, however, appear to be positive. No other user reviews could be found online, apart from two editorial contents related to the Guide Hop. One editorial content is available on Killer Startups and the other one on Dallas News. Both of them are positive.

GuideHop: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Guide Shop does not have a profile on the Better Business Bureau. All the website’s apparitions on media outlets are listed on the official page at the bottom. Guide Hop has been covered in The Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Tnooz and Gadling. There are no known associations of the company with other companies or people. Also, if the company received any awards or certifications for its work, the information is not available on the website itself.

GuideHop: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

On Alexa, the website’s reputation is 58. On average, 3.8 unique pages are seen per day by the visitors. Also, a visitor spends around 42 seconds per page view and a total of three minutes on the site during each visit. Around 15% of the visits on the website are referred to by the search engines. The company’s global traffic rank is 1,197,827. Due to its rank, there is no history available for the website. On Google Page Rank, the website has 4/10 points.

GuideHop: Social Media Presence

On Facebook, has 1,184 likes and 2 people are talking about it. The last status update was made on 11th of July 2012. A Twitter account is available as well, where it has 1,262 tweets and 6,515 followers. The last tweet was posted on 24th of August 2012. Currently, the company is operating a blog called The Jackalope Obsrever with articles about guides. The company’s YouTube channel has only one subscriber and one video uploaded. A Flickr profile is available as well.

GuideHop: Website Security & Safety

When it comes to security, the website seems to be safe for everybody to use. According to the Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic page, the website is not currently listed as suspicious. Also, on 2012-12-28, Google tested 4 pages from There was found no malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. Over the past 90 days, the website did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites, and it did not appear to host malicious software. The website also uses an SSL encryption to protect its visitors data.

GuideHop: Pricing & Packages

All the prices available on the website are listed according to the guides’ desires. Some of them are available for entire groups and others per person. Also, there is a listing of everything that the guide can includes and offer for the entire trip. There is no information if something is added to these prices by the website but as mentioned otherwise, Guidehop has about 1,000 activities for sale, ranging from a haunted house tour in McKinney, to a tour of the 2012 Summer Olympic sites in London. Prices range from $5 to $600 for a group. Also, the pricing appears to be normal, even cheaper in some cases than most of the companies that offer tour guides.

GuideHop: Shipping Rates & Policies

This company does not provide shipping because of the type of operation it does. Shipping is not applicable as the company provides a service accessible through online mediums and no tangible items are being sold to customers. Shipping cost or fees are therefore exempted from all charges as works like an online community of people who share the same passion for travel and activities.

GuideHop: Payment Methods Accepted

The payment methods accepted by this company cannot be found anywhere on the website. It seems natural for a company that works with people from all over the world to accept as payment methods such as credit cards, but which credit cards provider exactly, that information is known. Also, the guides will be paid only after the tour is over and the client is satisfied.

GuideHop: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Since there are no exchange policy and return policy, there is no payment information with the activity on the website. However, it would be natural for the company to have a refund policy, but nowhere on the website could be found one. It might be that only the guides’ personal refund policies would be applicable, information regarding this should be on the website but unfortunately, it is not.

GuideHop: Product images & screenshots
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